Saturday, April 7, 2007

The history

When I was young I began to program GW-Basic, then come to light Turbo Basic, Great!! .bas code made .EXE. Then I found pascal and I discovered some hidden books about programming graphics with it. I tried to read a BMP from file with PASCAL, when I did it, I began to write some code to emulate something like “Galaxian” (Do you remember?, some spaceships falling and shooting). Then I needed a kind of tool to draw my own bitmaps, and I wrote it. My firs BMP tool!. (I’ll upload to my site soon). Then I began to program PAC-MAN, and some of my students at a small computing school learned how to make their first game. Only one student finished the game. (And me, J). Then, I discovered the fabulous and fantastic C, and C++ programming language when I was a student at “Instituto Tecnológico de Aguascalientes” and I began to probe it, it was really fantastic, memory, arrays, pointer, wow!. even serial and parallel port control. Then I wrote some game code with C++. Actually I’m still writing C, C++ and now C# to program games, with VC++ 6.0, VC++.NET and HAM, but the funniest and real challenge is assembly language. Have you ever seen the DOOM game source code? Go and get it, I got it when John Carmack made it free for download, and I downloaded it!! It has some assembly!! Then, I discovered Visual HAM for Game Boy (C++ yeah!!)
Now I’m working too with the new tools: Maya, 3D Studio, Truespace (My firs 3D tool), and Blender, but unfortunately I’m busy with the MCAD, MCTS, and MCPD certifications but I try at night to work a little bit with these 3D tools to refresh my memory.

I bough this books from Amazon and others, I encourage you to get them, (and read them, J)

1. Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus

2. Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus

3. Programming the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, The Unofficial Guide

4. 3D Math Primer for graphics and game development

5. Learning Maya 5 Foundation

6. Gráficos en 3D

7. Programación de gráficos en Pascal.

8. Programación gráfica con DGE y Clipper

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