Saturday, April 7, 2007

Programming GameBoy Advance

Game boy released in 1989 is a fun device to program, you’ll using C++ of course. We’ll use the Advace SP version to test our code.

List of components:

  1. A computer with Windows 2000, XP, or Vista
  2. Visual HAM  and HAM SDK  (Better if you can get a Nintendo GameBoy SDK) or you can use Visual Studio 2005 instead (with HAM of course)
  3. If you want to see your code running in a real GameBoy get a Flash Advanced Linker or a writable GameBoy cartridge. I got my own in (Now the page is down but you can search with “GBA Flash Cartridge “ and buy one.)
  4. Of course, a Game Boy,  I have a beauty blue Game Boy Advance SP. (For those who know I bought it at “La líneaJ)


Remember, it is pure C & C++.

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