Thursday, March 29, 2007

About DOOM and John Carmack

This great programmer created DOOM. Do you remember that game?

Nothing more to say about him, please follow the previous link.

As you will notice, Carmack left school to begin his dream and work as freelance.


Don´t get crazy

"I want to say something that's very important, so listen carefully - don't bit off more that you can chew! I've received thousands of e-mails from newbie game programmers who want to create something at the level of DOOM or Quake for their first game. It's simply not going to happen. You'll be lucky if you can finish an Asteroids clone in three to six months, so don't get crazy. Set a reazonable goal. Try to think up something you can do by yourself, because in the end you'll be working by yourself - people flake out. Again, try to keep your first game ideas simple."

André LaMothe - Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Date format with calendarextender using Ajax

I've been working with Ajax for a few weeks, I used a caledarextender control and I was trying to get a date formated to "dd/mm/yyyy". But the only value i got was "03/00/2006". (Notice about "00" on month element).

To fix the problem I found this simple solution:

Just change mm to MM and that´s it!!

Great control!!

I noticed that is the same design in Windows Vista calendar control....

Estamos iniciando!!!

Estamos iniciando!!!
Somo un grupo de personas interesadas en el desarrollo de software y juegos.
Nuestro equipo tiene varios talentos: Diseñadores Web, Desarrolladores PHP, .NET & Java y más...
Day # 1.


We are starting!!
We all are some people interested in software and game development.
Our team has some talents:
Web designers, PHP, .NET & Java developers, and more..
Day # 1.