Thursday, October 6, 2011

Windows 8 Just Installed

Recently I downloaded the 4.8Gb of the Windows 8 *.iso media, I had planed to install in a VMWare virtual machine (I have VMWare player 3.X and VMWare Workstation installed). I created the VM, I connected the *.iso to the CD virtual drive and started the VM. It failed!. Something is not compatible with VWWare. I found some articles about the issue and they were talking about the need to install the new versions of VMWare Player and Workstation.

I decided to use Hyper-V, finally I'm learning about the technology with the Microsoft Course 10215A: Implementing and Managing Microsoft® Server Virtualization.

The experience was really good. Let me show you some screenshots from the install process

Fig 1. The Initial Screen

Fig 2. The Progress Screen

Fig 3. Notice the pretty funny message "Make the Lawyers happy..."

Fig 4. After all, the green initialization screen

Fig 5. Windows Phone Users. Something familiar?

Fig 6. The Zero gravity game included

Fig 7. The control panel. Very diferent. Isn't it?

The System runs well, when you click on desktop image you can see the classic windows screen, if you press the start button the system returns to the "green screen".

I'm going to install Visual Studio 11 and try to compile some code... but that's another story for next posts..

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